I hope I don't drop it in the toilet!

I haven’t had a cell phone in about three years, but I finally bought one the other day. Yes, I bought an iPhone 3G. I wanted to have the latest technology. And I wanted to look cool. Actually, my trip to Mexico greatly influenced my choice of cell phone models. While there, I didn’t have a cell phone, but my sons did. I liked the fact that they were able to call home in the U.S. because of the roaming feature and we easily called my cousins in Mexico. There were a couple of times on my December trip to Mexico that a cell phone would have come in handy. There were times that I was worried about having car problems or a car accident and I wouldn’t be able to call anyone because I didn’t have a cell phone. It’s nice to be able to tell relatives that I’m on the way to their house so they can wait at home for me. A cell phone is useful for little things like that.

Anyway, I kept seeing all these iPhone ads all over the place. On billboards, in the malls, on storefront windows. In Mexico, it was called iPhone G3–that’s Spanish for iPhone 3G. If you know Spanish and a little about noun and adjective placement, you know exactly what I mean. Many Mexicans had cell phones. Some didn’t even have a phone at home, but yet they had a cell phone. They just kind of leapfrogged the land-line technology went straight to the cell phone technology. Well, the iPhone was released in Mexico at about the same as in the U.S.

As I was planning my next trip to Mexico, I was thinking about how everyone liked looking at the vacation pictures that I took. I’ve been printing them up and putting them in photo albums, but that’s a lot of work. Then, I realized that I could load all my pictures on my new iPhone! And it’s actually quite easy, too. Even I was able to upload pictures on the first try. So lately my life revolves around preparing myself and my iPhone for my next trip to Mexico. I’ve invested a huge chunk of my life on preparing my iPhone for my next trip to Mexico. I’ve been spending way too much time learning how to use it. I’m actually enjoying, though. That’s the way I am. When I really get into something, I really overdo it. I do nothing in moderation! I’m putting phone numbers and addresses of everyone I know in Mexico. On my next trip, I’ll be able to wander around a little more with my new iPhone. I’m still learning how to use all the features. I have always hated having a cell phone because it was so clumsy and awkward, but the iPhone is so sleek and cool and it reminds me of using a computer rather than a cell phone. In fact, I get to plug it into my laptop to synchronize all of my files! By now, gentle reader, you’ve probably noticed that I spend an unnatural amount of time on the computer. So, I don’t mind preparing my iPhone for my next trip.

Can you hear me now?

2 thoughts on “iPhone

  1. Thanks for your concern, Ima. I have yet to lose a cell phone. I have, however, accidentally dropped it in the toilet (Who would do it on purpose?). Luckily, it fell after I flushed–and at home! I was extremely more careful after that.

  2. I have one word (actually sentence) of advice for you….MAKE SURE YOU DON’T LOSE YOUR IPHONE (after you get everything on it)!!

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