Si consigues leer las primeras palabras, el cerebro descifrará las demás.

3N 3L PR1NC1P10 CR30 D105 105 C13L0S Y L4 713RR4. Y L4 713RR4 3574B4 D350RD3N4D4 Y V4C14, Y L45 71N138L45 3574B4N 508R3 L4 F4Z D31 4815M0, Y 3L 35P1R17U D3 D105 53 M0V14 508R3 L4 F4Z D3 L45 46U45. Y D1J0 D105: 534 L4 LUZ; Y FU3 L4 LUZ. Y V10 D105 9U3 L4 LUZ 3R4 8U3N4; Y D105 S3P4R0 L4 LUZ D3 L45 T1N138L45.

D3 L05 5U5 0J05 74N FU3R73M3N73 LL0R4ND0,
V0LV14 L4 C483Z4, 53 L45 9U3D484 M1R4ND0:
V10 PU3R74S 4813R74S, P0571605 51N C4ND4D05,
Y L45 P3RCH45 V4C14S, S1N P13L35 Y S1N M4N705,
0 S1N H4LC0N35, 0 S1N 4Z0R3R MUD4D05.
5U5P1R0 M10 C1D, 9U3 53 53N714 MUY PR30CUP4D0;
H48L0 M10 C1D, 813N Y MUY M35UR4D0:
«6R4C145 D0Y, 53Ñ0R P4DR3, 9U3 35745 3N L0 4L70,
3570 M3 H4N URD1D0 M15 3N3M1605 M4L05».

07RA V3Z, H48L4ND0 3L C0ND3 LUC4N0R C0N P47R0N10, 5U C0N53J3R0, D1J0L3 451: –P47R0N10, UN0 D3 M15 D3UD05 M3 H4 D1CH0 9U3 L3 3574N 7R474ND0 D3 C454R C0N UN4 MUJ3R MUY R1C4 Y M45 N08L3 9U3 3L, Y 9U3 3573 C454M13N70 L3 C0NV3NDR14 MUCH0 S1 N0 FU3R4 P0R9U3 L3 A536UR4N 9U3 35 L4 MUJ3R D3 P30R C4R4C73R 9U3 H4Y 3N 3L MUND0. 05 RU360 9U3 M3 DI6415 51 H3 D3 4C0N53J4RL3 9U3 53 C453 C0N 3LL4, C0N0C13ND0 5U 63N10, 0  51 H48R3 D3 4CON53J4RL3 9U3 N0 L0 H464.

D3 70D05 50Y D3J4D4. 813N 53 H4 4D3R33Z4D0 L4 M4N3R4 D3 M1 M0R1R. 4L6UN 4L1V10 513N70 3N V3R 9U3 74N PR3570 53R3M05 JUN705 Y0 Y 49U3L M1 9U3R1D0 Y 4M4D0 C4L1570. 9U3R10 C3RR4R L4 PU3R74, P0R9U3 N1N6UN0 5U84 4 M3 3570R84R M1 MU3R73.

NU357R45 V1D4S 50N L05 R105
9U3 V4N 4 D4R 3N L4 M4R,
9U3 35 3L M0R1R;
4LL1 V4N L05 53N0R105
D3R3CH05 4 53 4C4B4R
4LL1 L05 R105 C4UD4L35,
4LL1 L05 07R05 M3D14N05
Y M45 CH1C05,
4LL364D05, 50N 16U4L35,
L05 9U3 V1V3N P0R 5U5 M4N05
Y L05 R1C05

3N UN LU64R D3 L4 M4NCH4, D3 CUY0 N0M8R3 N0 9U13R0 4C0RD4RM3, N0 H4 MUCH0 T13MP0 9U3 V1V14 UN H1D4L60 D3 L05 D3 L4NZ4 3N 4571LL3R0, 4D4R64 4N716U4, R0C1N FL4C0 Y 64L60 C0RR3D0R. UN4 0LL4 D3 4L6O M45 V4C4 9U3 C4RN3R0, L45 M45 N0CH35, DU3L05 Y 9U3BR4N705 L05 5484D05, L4N73J45 L05 V13RN35, 4LGUN P4L0M1N0 D3 4Ñ4D1DUR4 L05 D0M1N605, C0N5UM14N L45 TR35 P4R735 D3 5U H4C13ND4.

3N 74N70 9U3 D3 R054 Y D3 4ZUC3N4
53 MU357R4 L4 C0L0R 3N VU357R0 63570,
Y 9U3 VU357R0 M1R4R 4RD13N73, H0N3570,
3NC13ND3 4L C0R4Z0N Y L0 R3FR3N4;
Y 3N 74N70 9U3 3L C483LL0, 9U3 3N L4 V3N4
D3L 0R0 53 35C0610, C0N VU3L0 PR3570,
P0R 3L H3RM050 CU3LL0 8L4NC0, 3NH13570,
3L V13N70 MU3V3, 35P4RC3 Y D350RD3N4:
C063D D3 VU357RA 4L3G63 PR1M4V3R4
3L DULC3 FRU70, 4N73S 9U3 3L 713MP0 41R4D0
CU8R4 D3 N13V3 L4 H3RM05UR4 CUM8R3.
M4RCH174R4 L4 R054 3L V13N70 H3L4D0,
T0D0 MUD4R4 L4 3D4D L163R4

PU35 53P4 VU357R4 M3RC3D 4N73 70D45 C0545 9U3 4 M1 LL4M4N L4Z4R0 D3 70RM35, H1J0 D3 70M3 60NZ4L3Z Y D3 4N70N14 P3R3Z, N47UR4L35 D3 73J4R35, 4LD34 D3 54L4M4NC4. M1 N4C1M13N70 FU3 D3N7R0 D3L R10 70RM35, P0R L4 CU4L C4U54 70M3 3L 508R3N0M8R3, Y FU3 D3574 M4N3R4.

3R4 UN4 N0CH3 05CUR4
C0N 4N5145 3N 4M0R35 1NFL4D4,
¡0H D1CH054 V3N7UR4!
54L1 51N 53R N074D4
3574ND0 Y4 M1 C454 505364D4.
4 35CUR45, Y 536UR4
P0R L4 53CR374 35C4L4 D15FR4Z4D4,
¡0H D1CH054 V3N7UR4!
4 35CUR45, Y 3N C3L4D4,
3574ND0 Y4 M1 C454 5053G4D4.

M13N7R45 P0R C0MP371R C0N 7U C483LL0
0R0 8RUÑ1D0 4L S0L R3LUM8R4 3N V4N0;
M13N7R45 C0N M3N05PR3C10 3N 3L M3D10 3L LL4N0
M1R4 7U BL4NC4 FR3N73 3L L1L10 B3LL0;
M13N7R45 4 C4D4 L4810, P0R C063LL0,
516U3N M45 0J05 9UE 4L CL4V3L 73MPR4N0,
Y M13N7R45 7R1UNF4 C0N D35D3N L0Z4N0
D3L LUC13N73 CR1574L 7U 63N71L CU3LL0,
60Z4 CU3LL0, C483LL0, L48B10 Y FR3N73,
4N735 9U3 L0 9U3 FU3 3N 7U 3D4D D0R4D4
0R0, L1L10, CL4V3L, CR1574L LUC13N73,
N0 50L0 3N PL474 0 V10L4 7R0NC4D4
53 VU3LV3, M45 7U Y 3LL0 JUN74M3N73
3N 713RR4, 3N HUM0, 3N P0LV0, 3N 50M8R4, 3N N4D4.

3573 9U3 V35, 3N64Ñ0 C0L0R1D0,
9U3 D3L 4R73 0573N74D0 L05 PR1M0R35,
C0N F4L505 51L0615M05 D3 C0L0R35
35 C4U73L050 3N64N0 D3L 53N71D0;
3573, 3N 9U13N L4 L150NJ4 H4 PR373ND1D0
3XCU54R D3 L0S 4Ñ05 L05 H0RR0R35,
Y V3NC13ND0 D3L 713MP0 L05 R160R35
7R1UNF4R D3 L4 V3J3Z D3L 0LV1D0,
35 UN V4N0 4R71F1C10 D3L CU1D4D0,
35 UN4 FL0R 4L V13N70 D3D1C4D4,
35 UN R356U4RDO 1NU71L P4R4 3L H4D0:
35 UN4 N3C14 D1L163NC14 3RR4D4,
35 UN 4F4N C4DUC0 Y, B13N M1R4D0,
35 C4D4V3R, 35 P0LV0, 35 50M8R4, 35 N4D4.

C0N D13Z C4Ñ0N35 P0R 84ND4,
V13N70 3N P0P4 4 70D4 V3L4
N0 C0R7A 3L M4R, 51N0 VU3L4
UN V3L3R0 B3R64N71N:
B4J3L P1R474 9U3 LL4M4N
P0R 5U BR4VUR4 3L 73M1D0,
3N 70D0 M4R C0N0C1D0
D3L UN0 4L 07R0 C0NF1N


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