Professor Shipley

I will never forget Professor Shipley. I met him at UIC when I was taking English classes. UIC didn’t offer any journalism courses, so I took creative writing courses and ended up majoring in English. I loved taking literature courses because I really felt that I would learn to be a writer by studying the … Continue reading Professor Shipley

Mario’s Italian Lemonade

I went to visit one of my old haunts today because I had a taste for Al’s Italian beef. While eating my Italian beef from Al’s Beef and trying not to drip on my shirt, I looked across the street and saw Mario’s Italian Lemonade. The sign wasn’t up yet, but I’ve been there so many … Continue reading Mario’s Italian Lemonade

Combination locks

As a law-abiding citizen and patriotic American, I would like to participate in our fight against terrorism. I agree that we must stop the terrorists at the border.  I have crossed the border a few times, so I have an idea that may help. Sometimes the customs agents ask you questions to see if you’re really … Continue reading Combination locks