The answers to these riddles are hidden somewhere in this website.

I’m not exactly sure how I became a teacher, but believe me, I never planned on speaking before large crowds because they scare me. In fact, I become self-conscious and nervous when I realize someone is even remotely paying attention to me. I begin to stutter and lose my train of thought. So why do I teach college Spanish? Well, I’ll tell you. I don’t know! Ever since grade school, I wanted to have a Ph.D. Well, a Ph.D. in literature sort of locks you into teaching. I mean what else can you do with a Ph.D.? I mean, besides start your own website where you prominently display your full name followed by your pretentious degree. So somehow I ended up teaching college Spanish.

As if that weren’t  quite enough, this year, I became part of the university bureaucracy. As a teacher, I always savored the fact that I could complain about institutional policies. In other words, I liked sticking it to the man. This semester, however, I am the man. What to do? Well, I hate having anyone tell me what to do, but I especially hate telling others what to do. I could do without giving orders to anyone about anything. Hopefully, my administrative duties will only last this academic year. I think I would prefer just teaching to shuffling paper. But I will do my job to the best of my abilities. I will grumble under my breath about my position, though.

Help me!