La sirena

When teaching Spanish, I always learn something new from my students, or rather mis estudiantes. Sometimes I don’t notice things that are part of our Mexican culture because they are just part of everyday life. For example, we don’t always notice daylight because it’s always there (in the daytime, of course) and we just take … Continue reading La sirena


Please remember that the singular “vacation” in English always becomes the plural “las vacaciones” in Spanish. Fuimos de vacaciones a Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. Este semestre tenemos vacaciones de primavera. De niño me encantaban las vacaciones de verano. Some vocabulary words just take some getting used to.


Teaching is very rewarding in many ways, but just not financially. My alma mater and present employer, the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC),  is suffering from budget problems. Well, the whole country is suffering from these hard economic times. UIC is suffering because the state of Illinois isn’t paying UIC what it is owed … Continue reading UIC SOS