Loteria 2.0

Some Loteria cards.

Lotería is a fun game to play just as it is, but Lotería needs to be updated to Lotería 2.0.

I’ve played lotería in both Mexico and the U.S. We need some new cards that reflect the influence of both Mexican and American culture to the game. There is nothing wrong with the cards now in use, but how about adding some new ones? I recommend: El Vato, La Gabacha, El Mariachi, La Abuelita, El Pachuco, La Malinche, El Macho, La Llorona, La Mamacita, El Maricón, La Jamona, El Cholo, and El Güero.

And then when you fill up your card, you have to shout, “¡Lotería 2.0!” That should liven things up a little. Do you have any other suggestions for other cards?