I’m still here


I’ve had inquiries as to my whereabouts lately. Well, I’m still here! I’ve just been so busy correcting compositions and whatnot this semester. But I’ll be free in two weeks and back to writing my blog again. I suppose my last entry didn’t help any since I did talk about my visit to the doctor for a checkup. The test results proved that I was as healthy as I’ve always been. Life goes on.

Really! I'll be back!

One thought on “I’m still here

  1. I had an similar incident with a stop sign once a long time ago. My friend and I were super high and we went out to get something to eat. I pulled up to a stop sign and waited there for what seemed like forever. Finally my friend turned to me and asked what I was waiting for and I said I was waiting for the sign to turn green…and I was. 😉

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