Eat healthy, die anyway

Even the sign points to White Castle
I’m hungry. But I’m on the way to the doctor today to get an echo something or other to kind of test on my heart when I realize that I’m hungry because I forgot to eat earlier. I pull into a White Castle because it’s the only “restaurant” near the doctor’s office. Well, since I’m going to the doctor anyway, why not have a few sliders? The reason the doctor recommended the test was because I went for a physical and he recommended an EKG in his office. That was quite painless until he read the results–you know, that chart that just has a bunch of squiggly lines. He spotted an “event” in those lines. He said it could be nothing, but I should take another test just to be sure I was healthy. I wondered if my diet contributed to my “event.” I only worry about these things whenever I go to the doctor. However, I haven’t worried about this for years because I couldn’t remember the last time I went to the doctor. I know I stopped going when my family physician died of a heart attack.

Anyway, a man–I didn’t even know his official title–did an ultrasound of my heart in the doctor’s office. He wanted to know why I was having this test done and I told him about the “event” that could be nothing at all. Well, he told me that a cardiologist would look at the pictures of my heart and then determine if I had any problems. This ultrasound guy gave me his unofficial opinion; he didn’t see anything wrong with my heart. So I worried for nothing about taking the test. I probably took it for nothing, but I felt comforted by the fact that I have health insurance. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so guilty about eating those sliders.

But I feel fine!

4 thoughts on “Eat healthy, die anyway

  1. Hey David, I am sorry to read your health has been compromised by White Castle, but I am glad that you took it seriously enough to visit the doctor, because that can prevent more serious problems. Please take care of yourself, we need good sarcastic entertainment and of course great people like yourself. Follow your doctor’s advice and again, please take care 🙂

  2. So you ate sliders at a White Castle…this is a serious misdemeanor, and you need to have a talk with the Food Police!

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