Mexico the easy way

This atlas really does help. Just think how much more lost I would be without it!

Driving to Mexico would be much more difficult if it weren’t for this handy dandy road atlas. Well, even with the atlas I still got lost. But eventually I got to wherever I had to go. An impossible journey without the atlas. This atlas is published in English, Spanish, and German. German? There must be a lot of German tourists in Mexico. Oh, yes, I did see a German couple at the pyramids in Teotihuacán last July. This atlas has served me well my last two trips to Mexico. This time I have a back up–my iPhone! With GPS!

So how do they survive on the road?

David Diego Rodríguez, Ph.D.
  1. Dr. D.

    Well, it took be 25 hours to get to Laredo, Texas, from Chicago. That’s including a three-hour nap. I’ll rest tonight and enter Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, in the morning.

  2. SJR

    How long does it take you to drive there. What route do you take and where do you usually go? The last time I drove I got lost in Juarez and that wasn’t really fun. I would love to go again though. From here I can shoot straight down I-10 and then turn south at almost any point in TX.


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