What Christmas means to me

Let us now reflect on the true meaning of Christmas! What does Christmas mean to me? I usually don’t think about the meaning of Christmas because my thoughts are often deflected from its true meaning by our capitalistic, commercial consumerism. Yesterday, I was in McDonald’s with my sons when I happened to notice a Christmas tree next to an ATM. Or, was the ATM next to the Christmas tree? So what came first? The Christmas tree or the ATM?

This rhetorical question was such a poser that I couldn’t focus the camera while shooting this Christmas scene reminiscent of almost every Christmas that I recall since I was a boy. Or maybe it was a sign of some sort. I shot this picture four times and each one was blurry. I posted the clearest one. 😦

The ATM has been there a few years now. I’ve actually been going to this McDonald’s for about thirty years. And I still live to tell the story. When I saw the ATM, I thought, “Why couldn’t I get an ATM for Christmas? Whose lap would I have to sit on for an ATM?” Actually, I would rather not know.

Merry Chri$tma$! I can't wait to see $anta Clau$!

David Diego Rodríguez, Ph.D.

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