Going to Mexico

Why do I always get lost in Mexico City?

So I today I bought four new tires for my upcoming trip to Mexico. The two rear tires barely had any tread left and one front tire kept leaking air. Last July, I kind of panicked when I saw my tire pressure warning light turn on. I was on a road with no shoulders in Mexico and I was afraid I would have to change the tire there. Rather than repeat that scenario, I bought four new tires. And maybe it’s my imagination, but the car seems to handle better now. It’s stops faster now and it corners much, much better now. That’s very important for driving Mexican roads that are on cliffs with no guard rails. Of course, this could just be an illusion. I remember how whenever I got new gym shoes as a boy, I always felt the I could run faster, jump higher, and okay, I can’t think of a third thing that I could do everything better and faster with my new gym shoes, but you get the idea. So, I feel safer driving my car now.

See how fast I can run with my new gym shoes?