Kim was another memorable Spanish student. She had pierced lips and eyebrows and she always wore these heavy metal concert T-shirts. She was a very good Spanish student who always got A’s on every exam. I especially liked the fact that she always laughed at my jokes. Even though she gave the appearance to rebel against any authorative figure, she always did as she was told in class. She always excelled on the Spanish compositions. The one composition I do remember involved her telling a story about something that their family did together. Well, from her composition, I learned that her family was really into heavy metal rock, which I kind of assumed by Kim’s concert T-shirts. Kim told about how her parents really like Ozzy Osbourne and so they took the whole family to Oz Fest. The whole family enjoyed their day together. She told the story quite nicely in Spanish and I could tell that the family enjoyed each other’s company. When the Day of Dead came, Kim painted her face like a skull! She looked really cool like that. All the students in the class like her skull. My only regret is that I didn’t have a camera to take her picture.

¡Hoy es el Día de los Muertos!