La que buena

Every Sunday morning, I listen to 105.1 La Que Buena Spanish radio station because they play the old songs that I remember from when I was growing up. I always wax nostalgic, as I am wont to do, when I recall my mother playing that Mexican music every Saturday morning. I’m not exactly sure why I keep listening every Sunday because that music always depresses me. One sunny Sunday morning, I thought to myself, “Let me analyze myself to see why old Mexican music depresses me.” Well, unfortunately, I have a very good memory that doesn’t gloss over the negative aspects of my past. Suddenly, I remembered that my mother hated to see me sleeping in on a Saturday morning all the way to 8:00 a.m.! She would try to wake me by shaking me and calling me lazy: “¡No seas flojo!” Of course, I didn’t get up, so my mother would play Mexican music on her portable 8-track player full-blast right by head! And why would I have to get up? To help my mother with the housework. But no matter what room I swept, she would sweep it again because I didn’t sweep it just right. Ditto with the mopping. I think she just hated to see me sleeping comfortably.

¡Ya levántate! ¡No seas flojo!