Bridgeport bar exam

My friend Jim and I have always loved exploring Chicago. But he would always research places for us to explore and I would drive us there. No place was too remote or too dangerous for us to visit. In fact, the more people told us we were crazy for visiting one of our announced new destinations, the more determined we were to go there. We once went to an Irish bar in Bridgeport, on Emerald Street of course, because Jim had heard they had a picture of Mayor Richard J. Daley on the wall. I figured this would be a safe trip since Jim is Irish and I could pass for Irish after a few drinks. Finding parking in Bridgeport was an adventure in itself. And then walking from the car to the bar was just as adventurous because the local residents who saw watched us warily because obviously we weren’t of the Bridgeport nobility. As we approached the bar, we could hear the music playing and the patrons talking boisterously from the outside. When we opened the front door to walk in, everyone stopped talking and stared at us. Even the picture of Mayor Daley was looking at us! Well, I must admit that we felt uncomfortable for a moment or two, but then we walked up to the bar and ordered two beers. Everyone then resumed talking to each other again. However, we felt uncomfortable because we were continually watched while we drank our beer. We left as soon as we finished drinking it and we felt relieved when we safely passed the self-appointed residents who watched for foreigners, i.e. someone not from Bridgeport. Once we were driving away, we decided never to return to that bar again. We were lucky to escape Bridgeport alive!

Youse ain't from around here, are youse?