Independence Day lakefront festivities

Well, I celebrated Independence Day with my sons in our backyard yesterday. Nothing fancy. We just shot up some bottle rockets for an hour and then went inside. I enjoy the simple things in life. I live in an integrated neighborhood and many families on the block did the same thing. That was showing the American spirit!

This morning I read Hoy, the Spanish newspaper published by the Chicago Tribune, and their front page story talked about all the Mexicans who came from all over Chicago and suburbs such as Carpentersville, Romeoville, and Bolingbrook to the Chicago lakefront to celebrate the Fourth of July. The Espinoza family came to Chicago to celebrate because they liked that other Hispanic families were there, too. But Chicago has always been friendly to immigrants. I know from personal experience because I lived in Pilsen and Back of the Yards before they became predominantly Hispanic.

We should always remember that America is a melting pot, a salad bowl, and/or the land of immigrants.

Stop throwing firecrackers at the piñata!