Father’s Day aftermath

Well, yesterday, Father’s Day, was supposed to be a day to honor fathers everywhere. But here in Chicago, some fathers were “honored” by being arrested for not paying their child support. A few of these men were really caught off guard. I guess the sheriff’s plan worked perfectly. Fatherhood requires certain responsibilities. And that’s why I postponed having children until I was ready.

For the longest time, my mother begged me to have children. But I wasn’t ready yet when she wanted grandchildren. Two of my younger brothers had already made her a grandmother, but she wanted grandchildren from me, her firstborn. Ironically, I often think of my mother on Father’s Day.

And today, I told my sons what I had wanted to tell them on Father’s Day after we saw the movie the Fantastic Four, but that I didn’t because I would have felt like my father. So I told them that we are the Fantastic Four! Of course, they groaned as I had anticipated! That made all the more perfect! Hopefully, they’ll remember this in the future.

Happy Father's Day! Now put your hands up. You're under arrest!