Father’s Day

Today I spent Father’s Day with my three sons and I really enjoyed it even though we didn’t do anything too extravagant. All we did was go to see the movie The Fantastic Four. I managed to restrain myself from making a comment that perhaps my father would have made: “We are the Fantastic Four because we’re all together!” I remember when my father would pick me to take me driving while I still had my driver’s permit. Whenever the song “Nice to Be with You” by Gallery would come on the radio, my father would start singing along, “Oh, it’s so nice to be with you / And I love all the things you say and do” pointing to me. I mean he was really happy to take me out driving. Now that I think of it, I should have told my sons that we are the Fantastic Four. They would have groaned, but perhaps they would remember this day years from now.

We are the Fantastic Four! Ugh! I've become my father!