Teaching online

I remember when I used a blackboard!

Well, I survived the first week of the semester. I was looking forward to teaching face-to-face in the classroom again, like I did last semester, but UIC decided that we should have classes online for the first two weeks. I miss talking to my students in person. On the plus side, I don’t have to commute 45-90 minutes each way. I took advantage of the situation on the first day of class by teaching in my pajamas. Not the loud Christmas pajamas I saw entire families wearing at the airport on my flight to San Diego. I don’t think anyone realized they were pajamas. At least, I hope not!

It’s great teaching online. I wake up; I take a shower; I eat breakfast; and I fire up my computer. University students adapted easily to online classes, but would rather be in class. They miss the campus activities. And so do I!