Hot blooded

Dr. D. in Chicago, Illinois.

Sometimes, I like to plan ahead. So even if it’s cool enough to wear a jacket when I leave the house and I know the temperature will warm up later, I will leave the house without a jacket. I just don’t feel like carrying the jacket when I stop wearing it once the temperature warms up. I consider myself rather practical in that sense.

Well, over the years, people have directed comments at me like, “You Latinos don’t have to wear a jacket when it’s cold because you’re hot blooded.” On the other hand, if I wear a jacket when it’s cool out, I hear, “You Latinos can’t take the cold.” In the winter when the temperatures are sub-freezing in Chicago, I don’t bundle up as much as everyone else. I can take the cold because I have acclimated myself to the the weather having lived in Chicago almost my entire life. So everyone around me will be bundled up and afraid to go out into the cold, but I’m already heading out the door before I zip up my winter coat.

I guess it’s because I’m a hot-blooded Latino.

Impressing others

My proudest victory!

Avoid those who judge you by their own limitations.

I have learned this the hard way. Everyone judges us. And everyone expects us to please them. If he or she can’t do something, he or she assumes that I can’t do it either.

When I was younger, I never attempted to do things that people around me thought I couldn’t do. And why did they think I couldn’t do these things in the first place? Because they couldn’t do them. Either they tried and failed, or, worse yet, they never even bothered trying because it seemed impossible to accomplish for them.

So when I was ten, my parents and friends told me I couldn’t play the guitar. That was because none of them could play the guitar! My mother actually bought me a guitar for my tenth birthday, after much begging on my part. I was determined to prove everyone wrong! Unfortunately, I succumbed to all the negative criticism and gave up trying to play the guitar. I let everyone else judge me by their own limitations! Just because they couldn’t play the guitar, that automatically meant that I couldn’t play the guitar.

Most people demand that you please them in some shape, way, or form. As I got older, I learned to block out all this negative criticism to evaluate for myself what exactly were my own abilities. By the way, I still can’t play the guitar to this day. But I’ve learned that people who are impressed by shiny objects are not worth impressing at all.