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T-shirts with messages always attract my attention, especially if they have an intriguing message. So how does a clothing item that was originally an undergarment come to demand so much attention? Well, I’ll tell you. No one seems to know. If you wear a t-shirt with text, I will read it. If the message is partially obscured by a sweater or jacket, I will ask you to let me read it. If for some reason your message truly intrigues me, I will ask you to let me take a picture of your t-shirt. I hate it when I ask the wearer of a particularly mysterious message to explain the significance of the message and they don’t know. How can they not know? Well, usually the t-shirt was a gift. Well, I wouldn’t wear a t-shirt to disseminate a message that I didn’t understand. Yet, many people do. I just don’t get it!

6 thoughts on “T-shirts

  1. The whole Make-A-Quilt-Out-Of-Your-Extra-Running-Race-Tshirts project is a little known and striking (to non-runners) activity surrounding tshirts.

    I hope your sister posts here comment about this blog post on your blog instead of just on Facebook…I’ll encourage her.

    1. I remember all those race t-shirts I used to have. I can’t even remember what I did with them. I don’t have a single one left! I remember how I used to hang them up in the closet on hangers!

      1. Dave, You replied to my last comment here, on your blog, but not on Facebook. Is this your trick to get people to check both places to see what you are talking about?

        1. Actually, I have two separate audiences: One for Facebook and one for my blog. You are the lone wolf who reads both.

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