Just my luck!

Stop or we'll shoot!

Nothing, and I do mean absolutely nothing, ever goes exactly as I planned. Sometimes that’s a good thing. I guess I’ve been lucky in that regard most of my life. But this time I was caught off guard. A few months ago, I received an e-mail from the Chicago Dramatists announcing a playwriting contest, so of course, I entered a play. I figured they would read it and then I wouldn’t win the contest anyway, but I felt compelled to at least enter the contest. I was totally prepared not to win. I have been writing this play since 1982 and someday I will actually finish writing it. But since it’s almost finished, I decided to submit it to the contest anyway. As luck would have it, I was able to edit it once more and submit it in the appropriate pdf format by the deadline. I knew this because I received an e-mail confirmation that my play had been received and entered into the contest. However, two days later, I received another e-mail stating that the contest had been canceled due to a lack of funds by the organization. I didn’t even have the luxury of waiting until May when they would announce the winner, even though I wouldn’t have won anyway because that’s how my luck runs. However, I didn’t even have the time to fantasize for months about not winning the contest. I was deprived of this indulgence in which I like to wallow. Sniff!

Why me? Why me all the time?