Monty Python

I enjoy spending time with my sons, but I refuse to play video games with them. I just can’t get into them. I’ve tried playing them with my sons. However, I can’t concentrate because it’s just a game and I can think of other ways to idle away my time. Before video games were invented, they ask me, how did we have fun when I was a kid? I told them we used to play board games. So they asked, “Bored games?” “No, exciting games like Monopoly, checkers, and chess!” Okay, we occasionally play chess, but other than that we don’t play any games together.

However, we do have one thing in common: Comedy! We all have the same sense of humor. We love watching comedy in any form together. Whether it’s Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, or comedy movies. We also watch standup comedians on together. One day, they asked me what kind of comedy I used to watch when I was a boy. I told them about how I used to love watching Monty Python and how my friends and I used memorize their sketches. Well, this piqued my sons’ curiosity. I told them a little bit about their comedy troupe with their British accents and how they met at Oxford and how they loved to dress in women’s clothes. Then, I remembered that I had several Monty Python DVDs. Well, we watched them all in one day and were sore from laughing afterward.  I was surprised that they liked Monty Python as much as they did!

So then, they looked up more Monty Python clips on and showed them to me. Some of them were entirely new to me. Either I had never seen them before or it had been so long ago that I had seen them that I no longer remembered them. I was happy I introduced my sons to Monty Python because I got to enjoy their comedy again!