McJob vs. empleo

See how this young woman dresses in a blouse and skirt. And enjoys it!

When Americans work dead-end McJobs, they let the whole world know that they’re not happy with their jobs. They will serve you your food, process your order, or ring you out, but you know for a fact that they hate their job. In fact, if it weren’t for you the customer, user, or consumer, actually requiring their services, they could be sleeping in until noon everyday. Unfortunately, these are the very same people we most often encounter in our daily lives. I’m not saying all American workers have this bad attitude, but we encounter far more of them than necessary.

In Mexico, there is a totally different attitude toward work in a country where fifty-million people live on less than one dollar per day. Mexicans truly appreciate any and every job that they hold. Even when I was in Burger King or McDonald’s in Mexico (because my sons refused to eat the Mexican food my family cooked up for us), every single employee wore their uniform proudly and they took their job seriously. The service was so much better in Mexico because they did their job as well as they were supposed to do it. And they didn’t treat the customer as a mortal enemy to be hated the moment he or she entered the restaurant. The customer was always respected, nay, revered. Even the guy who washed my car in the parking lot when we went to the show in Celaya. He was so respectful when he offered to wash my car for thirty pesos that I paid him in advance because I trusted him and I just knew that I would come back and my car would be washed. I absolutely trusted him. When I returned I was very happy with how clean my car was.

It's not my job, man!

One thought on “McJob vs. empleo

  1. Sad, but very true. Not only fast food places, but also stores like Walmart have employees who reek bad attitudes because they feel overworked and underpaid.
    Depending on the town I go shopping in, some are worse than others. I recently was almost in shock when I was treated in a friendly manner in a CVS store, which I was unaccustomed to after shopping too often in Walmart. I’m guessing Walmart’s competitors are happy to have customers and want them to know it, whereas Walmart is the King Kong of stores and takes customer service for granted, in spite of stressing it to the employees. The key word in that sentence is stress!

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