Table talk

I can't believe some of the table conversations we had while I was in Mexico!

I had some unusual table conversations while I was in Mexico. I guess I learned a lot about Mexicans in my previous three visits to Mexico. I always felt that I could speak honestly about anything whenever my relatives asked me personal questions. And everyone else was also very honest in these conversations. But not in such a way as to hear more information than I wanted to hear.

One of the most unusual conversations turned from gossip about a woman’s breast implants to an impromptu questionnaire about breast implant preferences. Someone mentioned a certain woman who had unusually large breasts. Someone else who knew her said that she had had breast implants, but that she didn’t like them because they hurt her whenever someone touched them.

Suddenly, my cousin asked me if I liked breast implants. I felt uncomfortable answering this in mixed company, especially since I was asked by a female cousin. Well, I paused to think awhile, but my cousin’s husband immediately volunteered his opinion and said that he preferred natural breasts. He wouldn’t like breasts with implants if he couldn’t touch them and massage them during sex. The females also stated that they liked to have their breasts touched, so they would never get breast implants. All the while, I was surprised that I was participating in such a conversation in Mexico.

You call this table conversation?