Memories of Mexico

Now here's a car you don't see in America!

When I was in Mexico, I wanted to take pictures of all things Mexican. Things I don’t normally see in Chicago or the U.S. I took a few pictures of Volkswagen Beetles because whenever I see one I think of Mexico, and Mexican taxis in particular. My cousin Daniel asked me why I would want to take a picture of an ugly bocho, as Beetle Bugs are often called in Mexico. I explained to him that I wanted to remember Mexico and bochos always remind me of Mexico. He suggested that I take a picture of a Nissan SUV, but I refused. I told him that we had plenty of Nissans in Chicago. Besides, Nissans are Japanese. Then, he pointed to a BMW sports car. Again, I refused to take the picture. He wanted to know why and I explained that a picture of German car wouldn’t remind me of my trip to Mexico. He just didn’t understand my logic.

Well, I’ve posted some of my pictures from Mexico on my blog and I’m quite satisfied. I’m not sure Daniel would approve of my selections.

Okay, you can actually find the chile pepper in Mexico and the USA!

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  1. I know that, in America, Mary Kay Cosmetics distributors are awarded Pink Cadillacs if they are successful at their sales and recruitment. Is this Pink Volkswagen a award from something?

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