iPhone update

Call me anytime! My voicemail is always on!

Okay, so I’ve had my iPhone for about two months now and I haven’t dropped it in the toilet yet. I really love it! I use it to check the weather, read my e-mail, take pictures, show pictures to my friends, listen to music, read blogs, use GPS to find my destination, send e-mail, and I occasionally use it as a phone. I think I’ve only talked on the phone for about twenty minutes so far.

I’m really not much of a phone person. That’s what I always hated about cell phones. They weren’t ergonomically designed. I mean, have you ever tried to hold a conversation with the cell phone  between your ear and your shoulder. For me it’s impossible. It keeps sliding out. What I really like about the iPhone is that it’s a lot like a computer. Yes, it has the very same quirks as a computer. It freezes occasionally and I have to restart it. The original version of the operating system had a lot of bugs in it and my battery would die too fast. Luckily, Apple came out with an update and my iPhone works fine now.

See! It’s just like a computer!