Dr. D.'s unorganized picture collection.

I have had several readers comment on the blog pics. Or to put it better, the lack of pictures in my blog. For some strange reason unbeknown only to me, readers would like to see pictures on my blog. Well, I’ve been slowly, but surely been taking pictures and gathering them in order to post them fastly and furiously. But give me time. I now have thousands of pics, but I have to decide which are truly worthy enough to be posted. You shall soon see the results. But don’t rush me and don’t get your hopes up too high.

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David Diego Rodríguez, Ph.D.

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One thought on “Pics

  1. I’ve enjoyed your photographs in the photo albums. Still, seeing some related pictures next to the blog entries is something I would like to see, just like the readers you mentioned. It would speak so much, in so little space.

    If you’d like your blog to be more popular than you would like to see more pictures next to your blog entries also. People are attracted to eye candy. It’s yummy…and addictive.

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