Not a bad deal! I already had a monitor and speakers.

Last week, I bought a brand new HP desktop computer for $299! Yes, that’s after the sale price and two rebates, but still, I bought the best computer I have ever own for the lowest price I have ever paid. In 2003, I bought a used Pentium 3 for $300, but it was already obsolete when I bought it. In fact, that’s the computer that the new HP replaced. My old, obsolete PC was just sooo painfully slow. There was just no way to upgrade it anymore. I wanted to build my own computer, to my specifications, but it would have cost me about four times more than buying an already manufactured PC. Now this new computer of mine is the fastest computer I have ever owned. It has 3GB of memory, the most ever for me. And a 500GB harddrive that ties my largest hard drive. Of course, I could go on with the superlatives to describe my new computer.

Now that I think of it, this $299 computer cost as much as my iPhone 3G! But it’s a full-fledged computer. The iPhone 3G is only a computer wannabe. But of course, I can’t take my desktop PC with me wherever I go. I even hate to lug around my notebook PC everywhere I go. Well, that’s why I bought the iPhone. Not that I’m addicted to the Internet, but I like to check my e-mail no matter where I am.

It does not compute!