Labor Day

Dr. D.'s sons at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

The meaning of Labor Day has changed over the years. When I was a boy, Labor Day meant that I would start school the next day. Labor Day always fell on Monday and we always went to school for the first day on Tuesday. Nowadays, my sons start school the week before Labor Day. However, they do not attend classes on Labor Day because it’s a national holiday. I think children should go to school on Labor Day so the hardworking parents can relax after having enjoyed their children at home, all day, all summer. That would follow the true spirit of Labor Day!

One thought on “Labor Day

  1. My kids go back to school in mid August, in southern IL. They hate it because it’s still summer and they would rather go swimming, do things with friends, laze around the house and get in my way, of course. But at least my daughter in HS gets to go swimming in PE!

    If kids went to school on Labor Day, there would be no family cookouts, plus all the teachers and the rest of the school staff would have to work.
    Doesn’t it make you wonder why kids don’t go to school on other holidays, like Thanksgiving and Columbus Day, etc….to learn more about them?

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