I don’t know why, but I’ve always enjoyed watching the Olympics on TV. So I’ve been watching them as much as possible these past two weeks. I’m not even a sports fanatic. However, Olympic athletes are often inspiring role models, especially when they have overcome overwhelming odds to reach the Olympic finals of any event.

When I went to Mexico City in 1965, I was surprised by how much Mexico was preparing for the 1968 Olympics. They even had garbage cans all over the city with signs that asked everyone to keep Mexico City clean for the Olympics

I began running as a boy because I was inspired by the Olympic track and field events. I even attempted to become the best runner I could be. I never reached world-class level, but I enjoyed improving constantly. I still run to this day because I enjoy running on most days. It’s relaxing and gives me some time to meditate about my problems. On those especially hectic days, nothing relaxes me more than a run through my neighborhood.

Where's my gold medal?