I’m back

Coyoacán, México D.F.

Hello again. I’m finally back. Some of you may not have even noticed that I was gone for a while, but I was missed somewhat by some of my other readers–actually, only two. Two readers actually e-mailed me and asked me what had happened to my blog.

Well, I went to Mexico for a few weeeks, and when I returned and wrote my first blog entry, my website stopped loading because of spammers. My ISP took awhile to solve the problem. In reality, I think I solved the problem myself. But I’m not sure. My blog suddenly started working yesterday after I tinkered with it.

So now I’m ready to write again! I feel well rested after my road trip to Mexico and my prolonged rest from blog writing. I will write a blog entry first thing tomorrow morning!

2 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Welcome back from your trip! I remembered you were gone and recently began to wonder if you’d be returning or secretly moved down there! (kidding)

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