More coincidences

Seagulls of my reader's imagination

Hello, Gentle Reader. I’ve noticed something interesting occurring on my blog lately. I tend to occasionally write about someone who comes to mind because I remember him or her well. I have no agenda or ulterior motives. I never announced to anyone that I write a blog entry about him or her. I just relish recalling the good old days and I focus about all the positive things that I remember about this person. Occasionally, the subject of my blog entry discovers my blog and he or she e-mails me and/or comments about the blog entry. If I write it, they will come. If you look at the comments in the right margin you’ll see what I mean. This got me to thinking. How can you, Gentle Reader, be sure that all these commentators are real people? You have no way of knowing if these people really exist. I mean, I could just be making them up. After all, I do have a disclaimer at the bottom of the page stating that I may be stretching the truth a little. If you wrote a comment, you know for a fact that you yourself exist. Right? But what about all the rest of the commentators? How can you be sure that I didn’t invent them so it looks like I have many more readers than just you? Let’s go one further: What if you don’t exist? Yes, that’s right. You don’t exist outside of this blog! I made you up! You only exist because you read this blog and I let you write comments. Now that’s something to think about! Or, perhaps I have already created some memorable stories in my past so that interesting people will come to life and brighten up my life. You know, like in an old episode of Twilight Zone. If only life were that easy!

You do not exist. You are the sole creation of this bogger!

4 thoughts on “More coincidences

  1. You really, really had no subject to write about last night did you? That blog was definitely product of a very creative imagination…what did you eat…or perhaps smoke last night Doc? LOL have a great night 🙂

  2. Ima Peccable,

    Are you saying that you are my creator? Well, you could have done a better job! You should have made me a little more self-disciplined so I could be a little more productive. Or, did you create me in your own image? But, no! I do exist independently of you and I do write this blog! Right?

  3. What if you, the writer…don’t really exist?
    What if I, the reader…were really writing this blog?

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