Get Smart

I took my sons tonight to see the new movie Get Smart. I remember watching the original TV series created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry when I was a boy. (I still think that anything created by Mel Brooks is funny and I will watch it.) I used to laugh so hard while watching Get Smart that my mother thought that I had a serious mental problem. Sometimes, I would laugh at something funny hours later. My mother would ask me why on earth I was laughing and I would attempt to tell her between laughs, but she still didn’t understand why I was laughing.

So when my sons and I saw the previews for Get Smart, I told them about the old TV series. They didn’t seem that interested. I showed them some old clips from TV series Get Smart on, but that didn’t capture their interest either. Then, when they least expected it, I would describe some of the funniest scenes that I remembered from Get Smart. They laughed at them. I told them that we had to see the movie the first day that it came out. Everytime we saw the preview, there were more scenes and they were very funny. I was hoping that those wouldn’t be the only funny scenes in the movie. I was really pitching the movie to my sons, otherwise they might not want to see it and I would have to see it when it came out on DVD. But we did see it tonight, the first day it was released.

Well, the movie was based on the original TV series, but was not totally dependent on it. Steve Carell replaces Don Adams as Maxwell Smart, Agent 86. Anne Hathaway plays Agent 99, replacing Barbara Feldon. But I was happy that they brought back some of the objects and characters from the original. I don’t know why, but I always loved when Max insisted on using the Cone of Silence even though it never worked properly. I also loved seeing the shoe phone back in action. I loved when they brought back Hymie at the end of the movie. Okay, you Hymie lovers, I should have yelled SPOILER ALERT! Sorry!

Well, I loved the movie even though it was different than the original, but if it would have followed it too closely, I’m sure that I would have been disappointed. I guess they got Smart, though. I was especially pleased that my sons liked the movie!

Missed it by that much!