Irma was a Mexicana who lived on my block when I was about ten. We lived at 4405 S. Wood Street in Back of the Yards and she lived two houses south of us, upstairs from my friend Carlos Mojaro. She was about six years older than me, but everyone in the neighborhood knew her. She was very pretty and friendly. She always had a boyfriend, but never for very long.

Of course, then all the rumors started about her reputation, if you know what I mean. Even when she wasn’t home, some guy would come looking for her. Sometimes they weren’t even from the neighborhood. Irma’s mother–I never did learn her name because everyone simply called her Irma’s mother–would always look out her second-floor apartment window and shout for them to go away and stay away from her daughter! There was no element of mystery here.

Everyone knew that Irma’s mother was also very friendly with the men in the neighborhood, but only more so than her daughter. She was a single mother raising a son, whom was rarely seen coming or going home, and a daughter. The whole family was very popular with everyone in the neighborhood except for all the neighbors who lived within a half-block of them. They also had a dog–no one knew her name, but we always referred to her as Irma’s mother’s dog–that would often escape from the apartment and wander the neighborhood, occasionally biting children who wanted to pet it. Their dog also developed a reputation of being overly friendly with the other dogs in the neighborhood, but somehow never had any puppies. One day as I was walking our dog Duke, he approached Irma’s mother’s dog out of curiosity and she tried to bite Duke, but Duke ducked and bit her first. Irma’s mother looked out her window and yelled at me. I tried to explain that her dog tried to bite mine first, but Irma’s mother just started swearing at me. There was no talking to her.

One day, I saw Irma go into her house with her boyfriend. I could hear her lock the door as I sat on the porch with my friend Carlos. A few hours later, her mother came home and Irma wouldn’t let her in. Her mother started to swear at Irma as she looked out the window down at her mother. She kept saying, “You better let me in right now!” But Irma went inside and closed the windows even though it was hot outside. By then a crowd had started to gather. Irma’s mother kept shouting, “I’m gonna call the police on your boyfriend!” Then one of the women neighbors started arguing with Irma’s mother because of her dog that had gone into the neighbor’s yard. Irma’s mother asked for a reprieve from the argument because her daughter was in the house with some guy and she couldn’t get in. I was sitting on my bike out in front watching the scene. There were well over fifty people watching.

Then, the woman tells Irma’s mother, “I’m not surprised your daughter’s in there with some guy!” “What do you mean?” asked Irma’s mother. “You daughter’s a whore!” Irma’s mother just laughed. “You’re a whore, too!” We were all expecting for a physical fight to break out, but nothing. Irma’s mother just laughed that off, too. Finally, the woman says, “I’ve seen your dog fucking all the other dogs in the neighborhood! Even your dog’s a whore!”

This was just too, too much for Irma’s mother to take. She grabbed the woman’s hair and said, “You can call me a whore and you can call my daughter a whore, but don’t you ever talk about my dog!” Then Irma’s mother scratched the woman’s face. By then the police arrived and broke up the fight. The two police officers wanted to know what the fight was about and Irma’s mother said that the woman had called her dog a whore. She looked at the police believing that she was justified in attacking the woman.

Eventually, the police said that they came because a girl was locked in the apartment by her boyfriend. They went up to the front door and kicked it open. Both officers went upstairs. Everyone watching was excited because it had been a while since the police had been to their house. Well, Irma’s boyfriend ran out the back door and came out to the front of the house. He saw me on my bike and said, “You have to give me a ride!” Actually, he was much bigger than me, so he rode the bike and I sat on the handlebars. He rode a block away and took off running. I never saw him again.

When I rode back to Irma’s house, the police were out in front talking to Irma and her mother. I don’t know what happened after that because by then my mother came outside and made me go in the house.

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  1. I thought that was a good picture of Dave, that is, Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

  2. Everyone complains that I don’t smile when I pose for pictures! That’s just the way I am. All substance and no flash. Want to know why I put my picture on my blog? Well, whenever I read writers that I really really like, I want to see what they look like. Hopefully, someone will want to know what I look like. 🙂

  3. Maybe it’s because you aren’t smiling in it, also the absence of the pleasant outdoor background from the other one…yes, it looks more like a mug shot. *laughs*

    If I saw the person from the other one, I would be inclined to want to shake hands and introduce myself…whereas the present one might have me eyeing the closest exit and holding tightly to my purse and any other valuables!

    Thanks for trying and writing and posting pictures. I’ll keep returning for future discoveries!

  4. Hi Ima,

    I’m glad you enjoy reading my stories! I know that you’re fanatical about proper grammar. Believe it or not, I actually do check for typos before I hit enter. Sometimes, I rewrite whole sections before I post an entry. However, when I re-read a post, I find more mistakes. I agree that a teacher should have no typos. Hey, I’m trying. 🙂

    Yes, that’s me in the photo. This is how I really look now. I took the picture last week because I needed it for an ID. I usually update my picture every three or four months. I have gray hair, but depending on the lighting, it’s not always visible in my photos. I have never seen a picture of me that I liked, so I don’t know why I even put one up! This picture was not PhotoShopped, and no, I didn’t dye my hair, or put on contacts. And I thought I would see what I look like after not shaving for a while. Does that picture look like a mugshot? 🙂

  5. Your stories are fun to read because you give so much detail and tell us how you felt as a kid during what happened.

    Please do me a favor and check for typos before you hit enter. Since you’re a teacher, your blogs shouldn’t have typos, right? *chuckles*

    Btw, who is the guy in the picture below your blogs now? He doesn’t look like the handsome college professor I remember seeing before. I always would look at that picture after reading and it would make me smile because he looked so nice! Now I see someone who looks younger and perhaps like a trouble-maker. If that is a younger picture of you or even one of your sons, then I apologize. But if you are wearing contacts and had your hair dyed or are wearing a toupee, and grew a beard…I just want you to know that I preferred the other picture and how very nice you looked in it!

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