I recently talked to Joey, one of my brothers, who told me that my Uncle Meño thought I was in trouble with the law last December. Once again my name, David Rodriguez, came up in the news as the triggerman in a shooting. My name is so common in Chicago that I’ve seen it in the news very often and they were never talking about me personally. My uncle had heard about it and he immediately thought I was the shooter. Just by chance, this occurred in December right before I went to Mexico, so my uncle thought I was escaping to Mexico to avoid the police. I had e-mailed my uncle for his brother’s address in Celaya just about the same time as the shooting, which lead to him to think that I was the shooter and I was escaping to Mexico in the first place. That explained why he called me right before I left for Mexico. He asked me if I had heard about the shooting. I said I did because several other people had called me asking me if I had been involved in a shooting. I assured him that it wasn’t me. Well, my brother Joey told me that our uncle didn’t believe and called Joey to confirm that I wasn’t involved in the shooting. I have written a few blog entries already about how common my name is. I suppose I’ll write many more in the future as more cases of mistaken identity occur!

I fought the law and the law won!