We were sitting there drinking and conversing enjoyably when someone got the brilliant idea to hop on the el and wander around the city!

I just got home from Looptopia. There so many people downtown and in Grant Park late at night. I really enjoyed roaming around just people watching. Actually, the whole trip was rather unexpected. I went out with my Spanish class for a few drinks to celebrate a student’s birthday and some graduations. We were really enjoying drinking and chatting at the bar. Then, someone said we should go to Rush Street and then Looptopia. And we were off. Every now and then, some of my students insist that we go out together for drinks. I always try to say no, but I always give in after some minor arm twisting. But I actually had a lot of fun with my students just wandering around Rush Street and the Loop and attracting the attention of everyone. This is what my friends and I used to do when we were younger. Now, I found myself doing the same thing with my students. I think that my students are a bad influence on me. And I liked it. I actually liked all the attention. My students kept telling me that I thought I was cool for going out with them. They repeated it so much that after a while I started to believe it myself. As we wandered around, I met some people whom I knew and my students were impressed by that. My sons mentioned it to me before. Whenever we go out, I usually greet someone I know. That’s just my world of coincidences. They don’t even phase me anymore. I’ve had so many unusual things happen to me in my lifetime that I just accept them as they come. Of course, if I were writing a book, I wouldn’t be able to include these wild coincidences because no one would believe them.

I'm sorry officer! I didn't mean to drink on the public way.