Stranger than fiction

Filmed on the UIC campus.

I actually saw the movie Stranger Than Fiction because it was about a writer writing a novel. I liked the way the line between reality and fiction was blurred. I bought the DVD when it came out and I actually saw it soon afterwards. I only say this because I have a stack of DVDs that I bought years ago and have yet to see.

Another reason I wanted to see it was because I have a personal connection with this movie. It was filmed partly at UIC. In fact, I had to change classrooms because they filmed in my classroom. One day, as I talked to a student in the hallway, another student said, “Did you see who just walked behind you?” Of course, I didn’t. Because I like to make eye contact when I talk to someone. Well, it was Dustin Hoffman! And I didn’t see him! People at UIC who were around the film crew said that Dustin Hoffman was actually funnier than Will Ferrell in person.

So that was my brush with greatness. And I missed it!

3 thoughts on “Stranger than fiction

  1. The “Stranger Than Fiction” movie raised great nostalgia for me because it was filmed on campus. As much as we liked to complain about the architecture, the feel of the place came back strong (to the point of distraction) as I watched the movie.

  2. Random things keep happening to me such as me reading a blog entry about a specific movie and then hours later someone randomly mentioning that same movie in context of something else and not having seen the blog entry or knowing I read it at all. Of course I had to drag them to see the entry and now we have to watch it again to see Hoffman’s character in a classroom because they only remember him being mainly in an office!

    Similar things like that and having two earthquakes in IL the day after I mentioned to friends that I plan to go see a concert next month, a concert in IL. Makes me wonder if I’m being somewhat psychic or psycho or both!

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