That’s the title of the Spanish textbook that I now use. I like it better than other textbooks I’ve used for the fourth semested of college Spanish. The students seem to enjoy the book better, too. However, I often look at the cover and I’m intrigued. Why did the editors put the sculptures from Easter Island on the cover of a Spanish textbook? As far as we know, no one knows what civilization lived on the island and they probably didn’t speak Spanish. If the editors wanted something ancient and at least slightly related to the Spanish-speaking world, they should have put a pyramid on the cover. The other thing that bothers me about the book is how they feature different Spanish-speaking countries, but not all of them. Notably missing is Spain! How can they omit Spain? Spain is the mother country, the mother culture! But other than those two defects, the book is the best one I’ve used so far for fourth-semester college students.

¡Yo no hablo español! --La escultura de la Isla Pascua