Small world

El mundo es un pañuelo. That’s a saying in Spanish that literally means the world is a handerchief. And if you think about it, now with the Internet, It’s a Small, Small World, and thanks in part to Walt Disney and perhaps the most famous, but lamest of all his rides. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to Google El mundo es un pañuelo. I Google the phrase without the ñ to see if the phrase would pop up. It did. There were some interesting explanations about literal and figurative translations. I thought that maybe I could find a video or something interesting to e-mail to my Spanish classes. I found some interesting videos, but none that I could send to my students.  One was a parody in Spanish of a telenovela that starts out fine, but then gets boring; I didn’t actually see the whole video. I found another one that was a school project about a male and female and their parallel lives who finally meet one morning because they live across the hall from each other. The explanatory text was in Portuguese, which confused me as to why it had a Spanish title. The most interesting one was on MySpace, with the same title, but in a language other than English or Spanish. A boy is on the Internet taking off his pants for a girl who took off her shirt. Then he’s called down to eat with his family. At the table, he realizes the girl on the Internet was his sister and she also realizes with whom she was chatting. At that moment, the video ends. Finally, I decided that I had better not send any of those links to my students. ¡Ay!

It's a small, small world. El mundo es un pañuelo.