Once when I went to México, I heard an interesting story from my cousin Becky. Her father didn’t like her boyfriend so she had to see him secretly. He eventually gave her an engagement ring that she only wore around the house when her father wasn’t home. One day, she forgot to take it off and her father saw the ring. He was so angry with her. And he forbade her from seeing her boyfriend again. Of course, she kept seeing him. And she wore her engagement ring around the house while doing chores provided her father wasn’t home. Well, one day, she’s wearing her ring and peeling potatoes for the dinner soup. Later, while she cooking, her father comes into the kitchen and immediately looks at Becky’s hand to see if she’s wearing the ring. Becky looks at her hand and panics. Her ring isn’t on her finger. She has no idea where it is! But her father leaves the kitchen without saying a word.That night at dinner, everyone is eating soup. Her father is very quite while eating his soup. That is, until, just by coincidence, he sees Becky’s engagement ring on his spoon. He starts yelling at his daughter and he keeps the ring.

As soon as I get to México, all my relatives come to visit me no matter whose house I visit. A few childhood friends came to visit me as soon as I arrived, among them a certain girl named Flor who remembered me as a boy when we played together. My cousin Becky was dating Flor’s cousin even though Becky’s father totally disapproved of her boyfriend and his engagement ring. So when I arrive in México, two people immediately look for me. Becky and Flor. Becky contrives this plan to meet her boyfriend by taking me with her as her chaperone. Apparently her parents let her go out with me. Becky had set me up with Flor who gets permission to go out only if she goes out with her cousin, Becky’s boyfriend. So, we’re actually going out a on double date with permission, but no one really knows the actual circumstances. It turns out Flor is really interested in me, but I lose a precious opportunity when I go back to Chicago and only write letters to her telling her how I’m not really interested in her. Becky eventually married her boyfriend and they lived unhappily ever after. As they say in México, “C’est la vie!”

¿Qué hace esta anillo en la sopa?