Spicy México

One thing I noticed about México was that everyone puts peppers and/or salsa on everything! Even small children put hot sauce on everything. Would you believe even the lolly pops are spicy? Last night, I went to a fair and had a Michelada, which consisted of dark Victoria beer, lime, pimento, and a bunch of other cosas that I now forget. Not only was it spicy, but it came in one liter portions! I wanted a small one, the smallest one they had was one liter. Needless to say, that I didn’t finish it. I had about three gulps left. I would have finished it, but my cousin asked me if I wanted papas (potato chips) and I foolishly said yes. That’s right, even the potato chips had salsa. I almost OD’d on salsa last night.

This is way too hot to eat!