Just a snowstorm?

UIC Parking Lot

Snow was falling as I drove to school today. In all of my Spanish classes today, some students asked me if the exam might be canceled tomorrow because of the snow. Of course, there would be class tomorrow! This is Chicago! This one particular student was sure that if it kept on snowing, I wouldn’t be able to get to campus and give the exam. However, in Chicago, a snowstorm not merely a meteorological event. Every snowstorm, and other major climate changes, are political events of major consequences in Chicago. You can trace this back to the snowstorm of 1979 that was improperly handled by Mayor Michael Bilandic. A few heads did roll after the snowstorm, including Bilandic’s. (I’m sure a few heads also rolled after the Chicago Fire in 1871.) Luckily, I was living in sunny, southern California at the time. I know that even we if get three feet of snow tonight, I will be able to drive from house in Beverly on the south side to UIC near downtown. Chicago will not be slowed down such insigficant snowstorm as that! Everytime meteorologists predict even the remotest possibility of snow, city workers are on standby all over the city and even salting the streets before the first snowflake has even formed. Sometimes, there is more salt on the streets and sidewalks than snow. Yes, my dear students, I will be at UIC on time tomorrow morning to give you your exam. I love Chicago, the city that works (especially at Chicago overtime rates).

Move over! Here comes the snowplow!