Okay, so I'm not the best photographer, but the pencil is pointing a lady bug.

I will always remember my house as the house of the ladybugs. I bought this house in Beverly on August 25, 2003, and moved in immediately. Within days, hundreds of ladybugs moved in with me. My cousin told me that they’re good luck. But I bet the ladybugs would disagree because most of them starve to death. Every summer, I see ladybugs in my house. Sometimes they’re still alive, but mostly I see them after they die from being burned by light bulbs. I think that they entered my house when I moved in and now they breed somewhere inside my house. I didn’t see very many ladybugs outside this year. In fact, I don’t recall seeing any at all outside. Each year I see less and less ladybugs in my house. Actually, I don’t mind seeing the ladybugs since I don’t have any pets. However much I like them, I end up flushing them down the toilet.

Is this the asylum for ladybugs?