Driving on fumes

I was once driving in San Diego with my sons after leaving the hotel. I had to wake them up “early” so we could check out of the hotel on time. They were half asleep when we piled into the car. We had spent the day before at the beach because, “How could we go to California and not go to the beach?” As I was drove away from the hotel, I saw a sign that said, “Old San Diego District.” My sons weren’t interested in seeing much of anything since I woke them up so early. They weren’t enjoying the scenery at all. But I continued my sightseeing tour. Suddenly, I smelled some delicious Mexican food. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but I knew it was Mexican food. Since I was hungry, I followed the aroma and arrived at a Mexican restaurant that looked like it was transplanted from Mexico. It looked so Mexican! However, my sons didn’t want to eat there. They would rather sleep than eat! I tried to convince them that they would never have an opportunity to eat a restaurant like this again. So I drove around the restaurant once and we left San Diego. I’m sure that was the best restaurant that I never ate at.

¡Algo huele muy bien!