Riddles Comedy Club

Well, I did it again. Last night, I went to another comedy club. That’s two comedy clubs in two nights. I’m scoping out comedy clubs for imminent return to the stage as a standup comedian. I went to Riddles Comedy Club in Orland Park because they have an Open Mic on Thursday nights. As I bought my ticket to enter at the box office, I asked about going on stage for Open Mic night. Well, I was told that if I performed I wouldn’t have to pay the $10 cover charge. I have to admit that it was very tempting to take them up on that offer. How hard would it be to just go up on stage for five minutes and then not pay a cover charge? I’ve been on stage so many times before. I could have winged it if I really tried. But, no, I want to prepare a little more for my return to the stage. I have some jokes that I’ve been writing and polishing. I want to do my very best when I go up on stage again! So I told them that I would just observe, but I promised them that I would perform next week. They tried really hard to convince me to perform, though. And I was really tempted to go on stage. And it wasn’t just to save myself ten dollars, either. So now, I’m working on my act for next Thursday night.

Well, observe, I did. I had been to Riddles Comedy Club about five years earlier to see a comedy show and I really liked the club. So last night, I just sat back and enjoyed watching the comedians. You see, I really love watching comedians in action. I love to laugh even more. I think I will feel very comfortable there. Everyone was so considerate and understanding with the new comedians. Hopefully, they will be as merciful when I perform next Thursday.

But I haven't said anything funny yet!