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There are very few things that I regret in life. Sure, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but I usually try to learn from them and not regret them. However, every time I go to downtown Chicago, I recall how much I love and have always loved Chicago. When I was in grade school and we had a day off from grade school for a holiday, my friend Adrian and I would hop on the bus and go downtown and enjoy a day of sightseeing and just wandering around downtown Chicago. In high school, I used to play in chess tournaments in ballrooms of downtown hotels. Between games, I loved walking around downtown just sightseeing. I especially enjoyed window shopping even though I didn’t have enough money to buy anything. But one day, I saw something that absolutely amazed me: a chess set. But not just any chess set. This set of chessmen was designed using Chicago icons for the pieces! The chess set was not very functional for tournament play because instead of using the Staunton design, if memory serves me correctly, the rook was the Water Tower, the knight was the Picasso, the queen was Miro’s lady, the king was the Sear Tower, and I forget the rest of the pieces. But this chess set combined my two loves at once. The pieces were made of brushed stainless steel set on a marble chessboard. I was in such awe of this chess set that I didn’t even bother entering the store to ask how much in cost. I just knew I couldn’t afford it. Well, I regret not entering the store and touching the pieces and not asking how much it cost. Maybe I could have scraped up enough money to buy at least the chessmen. Over the years, I fondly recall that chess set and every time I go downtown I look in all the store windows with the hope of finding that chess set. And this time I will buy it regardless of the price!


I am proud to be a Chicagoan!


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  1. A strange coincidence from a younger sibling…

    Ok, so I’m riding in a car with Claudia.

    We’re heading down to Kartchner Caverns in Arizona.

    The last time I went to a cave was the Mammoth cave,
    which David took me to when we were visiting Kentucy.

    I had printed out Dave’s recent blogs so I could read them on the drive.
    This Chicago Chessmen entry caught my eye!!!

    When I was living in Chicago, I enrolled in a mail order course with the New York Institute of photography around 1983.

    One of my assignments was to take a picture that demonstrated how a camera can selectively focus in on a subject by changing the lens aperture size.

    As I was walking around downtown Chicago, I saw this chess set in a window and took a picture of it!

    It was the same chess set!

    Dave, I’m emailing you the picture.

    Maybe you can post it on this thread and also use it to find the set!
    Just don’t say you will buy it regardless of the price!! 😉

    Your loving brother, who would not have taken that picture,
    if you didn’t teach me how to play chess and subsequently win
    Second Place, City of Chicago, in the the 6th grade in 1974!

    I think I either got a B+ or A- for the picture!

    First assignment!


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