Ah, retirement!

I feel as if I have died and gone to heaven! I have finally retired from my job as a police officer after twenty years and twenty-two days. Let’s just say, I came, I saw, I retired. And I’m still young enough to enjoy my retirement. I’ve been very busy relaxing since my last day of work last month and it’s been taking up all my time. Retirement is a fulltime job!

Now that I no longer have to work for anyone else, I am free to fulfill my wildest dreams. I have already made my to-do list and let’s just say that I’m very ambitious. Make no small plans! Since I will have so much leisure time at my disposal, I have decided that I will write the Great American Novel, end world hunger, and cure cancer! However, while I was driving, something occurred to me. How can I achieve all these lofty and noble goals without first upgrading my car speakers? As I drove, I remembered how I have postponed replacing a fried speaker in my car door for months. Once I have my tunes blasting again, I’ll be ready to work on my new projects. For the rest of my life.

Ah, retirement! This is full-time job!