Talk about potential!

Sometimes I have crazy ideas. Okay, maybe a little more often than sometimes. If you’re a regular reader, you know what I mean. Well, my latest idea–actually, I’ve thought about this one for years–involves renting an empty storefront. I would paint a simple sign in the window: NIHIL. I would set up a desk with a computer where I could write. I would also surround myself with my books in bookcases. There would be inviting desks, tables, and sofas for for the curious to come in and be creative. Or, if they’re not creative, reading would also be permissable. If no one came in, I would sit there in public view writing my blog or working on my website. Anyone would be welcome to come as long as no one talks and interrupts the creative process of anyone present.

For the uninitiated who entered and asked, “What does ‘Nihil’ mean?” I would say, “Nothing.” Or perhaps I would say nothing. And maybe they would catch on that they were not supposed to talk. I would point at the available furniture. If they left, so much the better. This way I could keep writing. If, however, they stayed quietly, I would feel as if I had accomplished something.

This is a crazy idea for me because I basically do that at home right now. Whenever I’m at home I sit at my computer writing something or other without any interruptions. Or, I read. Some people can’t do anything productive at home, but not me. I’ve always been at my most productive while at home! Besides, I can’t afford to rent an empty storefront.

New Year’s Day

Coins in a fountain in Toluca

Well, I didn’t do much of anything today to start out the new year on the foot. But I haven’t broken any New Year’s resolutions either. Of course, the whole trick is not to make any resolutions at all. Last year, I said that I would write a Blog entry each and every day of the year. Well, gentle reader, if you’ve been reading all along, you noticed some exceptionally long gaps between blog entries. Sometimes I get too involved with my life that I forget about everything else. So this year, I won’t promise anything, but now that I have adjusted to retirement, I will write more regularly. And I will work on my website some more. I really have to organize it and put some actual content in there.

I promise not to make any more New Year's resolution. I promise!

Unfinished business

A writer writing.

Well, I’ve been thinking about all of my lifelong goals and how I haven’t completed most of them. There are so many things I have yet to do. I’ve started so many things that I’ve forgotten to go back to them to finish them. I’ve started writing several novels, but haven’t gotten past the opening lines. I have actually almost already finished a comedy play. Of course, I’ve been working on it for 25 years now. However, I’m almost done editing it. Really! I have about eighty pages and it’s almost done. Any day now!

But I have a lot of other things that I haven’t finished either. I have a utility sink in the basement that I probably won’t install before I sell the house.  I have a set of French books so I can learn French some day. Ditto for the Italian and Latin books. I have an unopened jigsaw puzzle of the John Hancock building when it was the world’s tallest building. I’m almost done with my website that I started four years ago. NOT!

Okay, I’ve really become my father!

Like father, like son!

Well, I really did it this time! I was trying to fix my website so it would be even better than before. I saw that there was an update for WordPress software, so I tried to upgrade. Unsuccessfully! I’m not sure exactly what I did, but I seem to have deleted everything that I wrote before. I couldn’t just leave well enough alone! There was nothing wrong with my blog, but still, I tried to improve it. I really remind myself of my father now. Yes, luckily I made a backup of everything. However, I can’t retrieve anything at the moment. I know that I’ll eventually figure it out. In the mean time, I’ll just continue writing new entries in my blog. Hasta pronto.

¡Ay, chihuahua!