Do not fold, mutilate, or spindle

The Spindle, Berwyn, Illinois

Chicagoland is about to lose another cultural icon. I’m talking about the eight-car pileup in Berwyn at Cermak and Harlem, officially titled, “Spindle,” but also known as “Car-kabob.” This forty-foot spindle pierces eight cars to make its artistic statement, regardless of how kitsch many consider this sculpture. A little red Beetle Bug crowns this masterpiece like a cherry on a sundae. Immediately below the Beetle is my favorite car, but it’s only my favorite because it bears the license plate “Dave.”

I always loved driving by “Spindle” because it was so unique to Chicagoland. It is “art” and yet it isn’t. I was so happy to recognize it when I saw the movie Wayne’s World for the first time; the cigar Indian almost moves me as much, though. I once watched Wayne’s World just to see the “Spindle” again.

Hopefully, we can all gather together to save the “Spindle.” Walgreens, another Chicagoland icon, plans to build a store on the site, so the “Spindle” will have to be relocated and refurbished or be lost forever. Surely, there must be plenty of “Spindle” lovers who will help save it. We have to let the Berwyn municipal officials know! Save the “Spindle”!